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Who is Afraid Of Selfie?

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Why Clinic Istanbul ?

Clinic Istanbul is an institution specialized in hair transplantation. We carry out nearly 300 hair transplantation operations per month. We are one of the few organizations that can perform 24/7 operations. We perform more hair transplantation operations than the hospitals and medical centers where we operate and this makes costs lower with us. We are not affec ted by the efficiency problems of hospitals.

We have a good marketing budget and a large team of health consultants who can support in every language. We reach you much faster and answer the questions you have in mind instantly. The average rate of return to the patient is maximum 1 day here while it's done in 3-4 days in hospitals due to the cumbersome structure of hospitals and medical centers.

Time to put your hat in front of you!

If you are happy without your hair, we will congratulate you but think about it.
As Clinic Istanbul we are excited to be the reason for a fundamental change in your life with our long years of hair transplantation experience, modern clinics and attractive price advantage.

It's time to quit some of your habits !.

We invite you to get rid of habits that consider your quality of life and self-confidence.

You can give up wearing hats continuously or you can use your selfies full frame.

Hair Transplantation Prices

Techniques Used in Hair Transplantation


Fue Hair Transplantation

With this method, hairs taken from any part of the body (such as back, chest and legs) can also be transferred.


Hair Transplantation while Asleep

This method is an alternative method that is applied because some of the fears such as needle fear, not being able to bear blood sight.


Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Particularly in the front side of the head called front gulf, hair can be transplanted without the need for shaving.

+ €300

DHI Choi Pen Technique

Hair removal from donor area is the same as FUE technique. During the transplantation, channel openings with the implant and placement of the hair follicle is done with a special needle.

+ €50

Sapphire / Percutaneous Technique

Thanks to Sapphire Percutaneous pain and damage is almost non-existent. Sapphire tool is obtained from the precious sapphire mine used in the Fue method.

+ €100

Prp Support

It is a simple process that is completed in about 30 minutes. Immediately after PRP treatment, tissue repair begins in the platelet-treated area and the damaged hair follicles are repaired.


Transfer and Accommodation

All you have to do is get your plane ticket!



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Get Information
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  • Transfer to Hotel
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